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Mission & History

Our mission is simple. We want to end suffering for Palm Beach County community cats by providing monetary assistance for veterinary care when they are sick/injured. 

Our founder wanted to create a resource for local community cat advocates who trapped sick/injured community cats for TNVR.TNVR is the acronym for Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return. You only have to be involved in TNVR a short time to understand the desperate need for financial veterinary assistance when trapping sick/injured community cats. Local cat advocate volunteers use money out of their own personal pockets to pay for veterinary care above and beyond and sometimes including TNVR services. Many live paycheck to paycheck as it is! Can you imagine how many more community cats could be helped if a community cat medical fund was created to assist them? We exist to be a resource for trappers whenever we can financially assist for veterinary care.  We are slowly becoming a vital resource for Palm Beach County community cat trappers/advocates since 2020. We have continued to grow with the help of donors and local community cat  volunteers that make our mission possible.