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Report a Cat

 STOP! READ BEFORE REPORTING! By completing this form you acknowledge no known ownership and no expected outcome to reported cat. If this is an emergency, Contact Palm Beach Animal Care and Control at 561-233-1200 ext. 0. If cat is evaluated under Community cat medical fund Inc., we will make decisions in the best interest of the cat based on veterinarian advice and reported information. 
We are not a trapping, transporting, fostering service! We require local volunteers to assist in the process of helping injured/sick community cats. If you are unable to assist in any of this process, we may not be able to help the sick/injured community cat. Please answer the questions thoughtfully. Their lives may depend on it. Especially, if fostering after care is needed. Please complete the information below and we will respond as soon as we can.

Thank you for caring!

First Name *
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Do you see the cat on a regular basis?
Is cat feral? Feral is fearful of people not friendly stray
Is cat spayed/neutered?
Do you know vaccine history?
Can you assist in trapping/fostering/transporting cat?
*Keep in mind, if you answered "Unable to assist" we may not be able to help as we rely on local volunteers to assist.